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Fat Biking this Winter in Rice Lake, WI

Curriers Lakeview Lodge can help you rent a fat bike and enjoy fat biking in our area. Travel Wisconsin posted this additional information! Check it out! From improved traction on dirt, to flotation when riding through snow, the over-sized tires of a fat bike let you roll where you have not rolled before.
What is Winter Fat Biking?
Some of Wisconsin’s most beautiful natural areas become inaccessible once the snow hits each winter. But a trend called fat biking is changing that! Once you see the oversized, balloon-like tires on these fat bikes, you’ll immediately understand where the name comes from. Fat bikes have extra-wide rims with low-pressure tires making it possible to cruise on soft terrain like snow.
Where Can I Ride?
In winter, whether riding groomed single-track trails, frozen lakes or fresh powder, fat bikes have extended the biking season and added a whole new twist for winter adventurers. Be aware that it is NOT legal to ride fat bikes on most snowmobile and cross-country ski trails, but there are some exceptions, so always check with the land manager before heading out. Trails often have restrictions on a minimum tire width and a max tire pressure, so normal mountain bikes don’t always qualify for fat bike trails.
The Department of Natural Resources offers guidelines about where fat bikes are allowed and the International Mountain Bicycling Association gives riders tips on fat biking best practices.

If anyone was interested in renting out fat tire bikes please contact Grinders in Rice lake Wi. : (715) 736-7858  For just $75 a day you can enjoy this wonderful way to explore the outdoors. If mountain bike riding excites you during the summer why stop riding? Fat tire bike riding is becoming a very enjoyable winter sport.


What is more exciting than having fun and working out at the same time? With an estimate of 700 snow covered trails for cross country skiing in Wisconsin it has been the most ideal sport for family and friends to enjoy. It is an excellent aerobic workout because no single muscle group is overstressed. The activity can be sustained for hours on end. Not only is it a great workout but has many other benefits as well. It promotes social engagement; Maybe a great date idea? It helps relieve stress; Escaping to the pine forested wild provides you with some very therapeutic thinking time. It improves endurance, and lastly allows you to connect with nature.

Christie mountain is not a cross country ski area but is great for anyone looking for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. Their ski hill opens Dec. 16th from 5pm-10pm. The tubing park is not yet open. Trails that are currently open are as follows: Easy street, Rolling meadows and Fox hop.

Barron Area Nordic Trails- 6km Mixed with both forested and open trails, Goes through Rockman’s Woods behind Barron High School. Accommodating to both classical and skate techniques.

Blue Hills Trail System-35km One of the best trails WI has to offer for cross country skiing. Both skate and classical styles. Great trail for any level of skier.

Timberland Hills Trail-24km Offers more advanced skier loops as well as beginner and intermediate loops.

Go check them out! Romantic night, family get together, or just a relaxing day alone skiing its a very pleasant way for you to enjoy the great outdoors-all while getting in a great workout!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!


What a beautiful day! Here at Curriers we are excited to see the lake freezing and snow coming down. Time for some winter activities!! If you have an interest in hiking, you may enjoy snowshoeing.  Here is a list of snowshoeing trails around us in Rice Lake, WI. Fun fact; Snowshoes (an earlier predecessor to ski’s) were invented in Central Asia between 4,000 and 6,000 years ago. They were made from a solid piece of wood with a makeshift leather binding.snowshoes

New Years Eve Under the Stars

firework               What is better than enjoying a bonfire on the lake?firework

We would like to invite you to join us at our

 New Years Eve Under the Stars party!

As we take in the beautiful view of Rice Lake

we will also be making s’mores, drinking hot chocolate, and giving out party favors.

We would like to offer 10% off to anyone staying with us.

We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!newyear